Immersion Into An Era of Contentment

I am a child of the 70s. I had a rare (according to most people I come across) good childhood, too. That era lives in my memories as a happy place to be. Now, that is from the perspective of a kid…I am sure as an adult it would have had its pitfalls and challenges, just like any era one lives in as an adult does…with adult worries, and adult problems.

But I was a young kid. What I remember is very little conflict in my life, lots of good music permeating the day…from my records, and the transistor radio attached to me like an extra limb. I bought 45s(little records) with just about all my allowance money. I scoured the radio dial for the progressive FM stations which played album rock, satisfying my craving for something deeper than constant AM radio pop music. I remember watching and playacting Charlie’s Angels, getting a Farrah doll, having my Barbies go “camping” in the living room and backyard. Riding to the burger drive-in, for an ice cream cone with sprinkles, on my banana seated gold bike, building tree forts, sledding, skating, going to the fair, magical Christmases, winning ribbons at track meets, enjoying Planet of The Apes, Bewitched, and original Star Trek marathons… and so on….

I like to “go there” sometimes. Just immerse. I love movies and old TV shows from then. I love the 70s classic radio channels. My satellite TV contains all these things, never mind everything I can find on the Internet. I am weird, maybe, yeah. I can hear “don’t live in the past” judgements in my head. Whatever. I don’t always “live in la-la land”, and I can definitely distinguish the past from the present. Besides…after all…it is my life to live, anyway.

I don’t care if the songs are sometimes cheesy on these stations(and they are, although they do play lots of Zeppelin too…yay!). Because nearly every song reminds me of that time. Especially of my parents younger…my Mom and Dad in their 40s. Vibrant. With working bodies and minds. No 96 pounds of frailty, no dementia, no ailing to the point of scariness…. 😦

With much bittersweetness, the musical memories are. I simultaneously love the time travel trip the songs take me on, but also can get feeling sometimes overwhelming melancholy…especially if my Dad calls when I am listening (like he just did a few minutes ago) from the nursing home he is now confined to…talking to me about completely off-the-wall things…things that make no sense….lost in some memory he is having that has nothing to do with the present. At least he still knows who I am 99% of the time, so I have that to hold on to. :-/  I listen to him talk to me. I am cheerful with him. Agree with him, go with whatever story he is telling me, like it is not confusing….him thinking it is 1986, me lost in the 70s. *sigh*

I guess we both go, in our own minds, to a time that makes us feel comforted. I don’t, and probably never will know, what 1986 is to him, but, I know, for myself, as long as it works for me, I will always occasionally immerse in the 70s when I need to….





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