The Tale of The Mysterious Clone Army

It was surreal. Like something out of a dream….

There they were. Presented to me in a couple of little hands. Clenched tight, like a treasure found at the bottom of the sea.

Found here and there, amazingly at the same time.

And, equally amazingly, all….INTACT!

No heads were missing, no limbs were lost. Scuffed from battle, yes, but otherwise they escaped the lair of the three giants…the land of the headless toys…virtually unscathed…..

They… unlike their brave comrades before them…. were the lucky ones.



Those poor guys….flung from far distances, buried alive, tossed into the black hole that is the toybox, rescued in time from the maw of the gigantic cocker spaniel, a spin or two in the washing machine vortex, just because they hid in a pocket, then facing a possible melting death in the dryer of doom…. such brave little clone soldiers! 😛



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