It is foggy here this morning. REALLY foggy. Can’t see to the end of the street foggy. Consequently, the atmosphere of the day is that it has this super eerie vibe going on. Driving to school, and the boys remark on this. “Mom, it is spooky out here, and the music goes with it!” And it did…. like we were in some kind of B-movie horror flick from the 70s. Or maybe aliens were going to suddenly appear out of the fog. mwahahaha!

I didn’t recognize the first part of the song, since it turns out it was an extended version I hadn’t heard before, so I had to laugh when it launched into this boppy, cheery groove! It was like oooh, it’s foggy….don’t go into the creepy forest….wait, now I suddenly feel groovy! Maybe it is some kind of alien mind trap! 😛

Quite the juxtaposition to how it started out, and to the way the day looks. We all started giggling and dancing in our seats. Too fun. Gotta love music to bond you to a moment with your kids. 😀


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