The Thrill of Living


If ever we were to come upon

The saltiness of the day

Were we to sit alone and gaze helplessly,

Or dance cartwheels amongst the flowers

That perfume with nectarean moments?

In our innocence and haze

Time does stretch, and moves upon

Our thoughts and imaginations

Sparkling like tiny diamonds

Amidst the blackest of coal hours…

Turning against the tide of loneliness

We seek out a reverence

In moving admirations

And seasoned sonnets…

Filled with descriptions

Of rhythm and measure, everlasting

The wheels do spin a time or two

Upon this rocky path

Perseverance, it pays an endless sum,

Adding to the treasure within our hearts

As we stare and breathe, and act upon

Great desires and longings

For the pleasure it creates

In the rise and fall

Of months never wasted

Is the thrill of living….

©WD(sapphyreskye) July 2011



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