Just Sitting Here Chewing On a Stick

Ok…it is technically a root, but it looks like a stick. It is a licorice root, and they are a kind of tasty, if weird, thing to chew on. Here is a brief article I found about them…


I just felt somewhat odd sitting here, reading, and chewing on a stick, so, of course, I HAVE to write about it! ‘Tis one of my many fascinating experiences, after all! 😛 I am not eating it for any of the aforementioned(in the article) benefits, but just because hubby happened to buy some, and they were there, looking all intriguing, and such. If they help the inflammation I usually have in my stupid old knee joint, then WONDERFUL! BONUS!

Plus, I remembered when I used to have them as a kid. Back then I picked it up at an old-fashioned candy store at a historical park. It is just a bizarre thing to do, really, but also kind of calming, and satisfying. 🙂

I wonder if Hobbits like them? Looks like something a Hobbit might chew on. lol



2 thoughts on “Just Sitting Here Chewing On a Stick

  1. Interesting… I’ve heard of licorice root, drank it in tea, but never seen these sticks. My kids would probably like them. I’ve been bothered by knee inflammation too, although it is gone now it was pretty bad for a couple of years. I never did figure out if it was hormones/aging or chronic lyme disease. Ginger and turmeric are good for inflammation too.

    • He picked them up at a health food store. My kids tried them. I don’t know if they liked them. They were kind of indifferent when I asked. I think they think we are a little strange! lol Thanks for the suggestions for helping inflammation. I am pretty sure I have arthritis in it, and do take glucosamine already, but it acts up when it is cold no matter what I do. Anything is worth a try!

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