I Would Scare Away Vampires, At Least

Well, my stupid back tooth is still aching after two days since getting “fixed”. ARGH! Every time. ugh. Sick of that happening, but anyway….

I have been headachy too, so I am thinking maybe a possible infection is going on. So I called the dentist, and he can see me today. That is good.

What is not good, is before I called, I had lunch. My homemade pasta salad which features raw onion and raw garlic. It is soooo yummy(I pretty much put those two things in every savoury thing I make, btw), but this is just great. :-/ Now I smell WORSE than I did the other day with the stew! At least when you cook those things they lose some potency! I would have had something else if I had known I could get in TODAY. I usually wouldn’t eat garlic and onions if I knew I would be talking to someone face to face. Really… I don’t ALWAYS smell like an Italian Restaurant. At least, I hope not! hahahaha!

And…I am out of Altoids. bahahahaha! *laughs manically* I guess a stop at the gas station is in order to procure some more “mouthwash tablets”. 😛


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