December in March

Dear Snow,

GO AWAY ALREADY! You have overstayed your welcome by at least 3 weeks! You are only good to ski on, and since we aren’t going again this year, that makes you a royal pain. A pain to drive in and on, a pain in the back to shovel, a pain in my old joints with that stupid cold temperature you pack around with ya. A pain in the brain because you cause anxiety, melancholy, and general bitchiness this time of year. We need SUNSHINE!!! This 10 months of Winter thing is getting on my nerves, and I have lived here my whole life. I remember when I was a kid, you went away by the middle of March…and pretty much stayed away until November! Now you think you can just hog the Spring months right up until practically June. There are only two seasons here nowadays….Winter, and Road Construction! We want Spring….for lovely fresh breezes, and walks without it being freezing or sweltering!

So, I thank you to please get lost! And STAY LOST for the next 8 months or so!


Sparkling Blue Skyes

*stomps off in a huff, wrapped up in my down filled quilt, wearing my knee high socks for yet ANOTHER day, while my flip flops lay neglected and lonely in the front closet, waiting…forever patiently waiting for me*






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