Stunned Tongue Nerves and Curiously Strong Minty Breath

Yeah. So the dentist was fun.  I ate the stew, btw. I figured between the dental dam….you know I definitely must look sooper sexay with that thing stuck on my face! I can feel how awesome I look, with that, and my frozen “botoxy-looking lips”…oh yeah. 😛 …and their face masks, they wouldn’t notice my oniony-ness. Plus, I figured out I could kind of “eat mouthwash” in a solid sort of way… Altoids! Curiously Strong they are… oh yeah…DEFINITELY like eating mouthwash when you eat 3 at a time! Whew! lol

t2ec16nhjgffmdpgybrg25g60_12  altoids

I seriously love those things!

So, the needles are the worst part, really. I close my eyes and try to go to my happy place. All was going well, when JOLT! Holy shock Batgirl!! My tongue! Like I stuck it in an electric socket! WTH?! So after he has the needle out, I asked him about it, and apparently the nerves for the tongue are in the jaw bone…where he was sticking the numbing needle. Huh. Learn something new every day. I can’t talk very well now, since my tongue is numb, and forget eating solids for the rest of the night. But I can type. 😉


He replaced two of my degrading silver fillings, which were about 35-40 years old. Older than my dentist.   They look better than the old ones, being that they are white now, like my teeth and not black-metal looking like some kind of cyborg! hahaha! I wish I could replace them all, but I really hated that whole deal. Glad it is over. For a couple of weeks anyway…gotta go back for work on the other side. 

Really, all told, and in comparison, it is not so bad. Not like when I was a kid in the 70s, and the dentists didn’t wear gloves or masks, so there were hairy fingers in your mouth, and the guy usually had horrid coffee/smoke breath….making you want to throw up the whole time! Then the spitting in the little bowl, instead of suction like they have now…ewww. Plus the place was creepy…like some scene out of a scary mental hospital movie. I was always SO terrified to go….




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