So, I’m off to the dentist today(look how happy that chick in the pic looks, all gassed up. I get needles because I have to drive. hmph *makes grumpy face*),


for a three tooth fix(ack!), and a look at something else wrong I think happened the last time I had a cleaning(ugh). I figure that I likely won’t be eating a normal dinner tonight, so want a big lunch before I go. I have leftover beef stew. It was so good last night…some of the best I ever made! Might share that recipe sometime…anyhoo….it is full of onions…ok and garlic. Hmmm. Will I be offensive smelling when I go there?   Should I eat it? I want it. I can smell it, as it heats up in the “science oven”(those who have seen American Hustle will get that. lol). And I WANT IT. I am drooling…ok TMI maybe. So…conundrum…should I care about smelling like a (good) restaurant(heh),  and put it back in the fridge so I am not all oniony and garlicky? Or just scarf it right down and mint up like crazy afterward? Too bad we can’t drink mouthwash. Well, I suppose technically, we could, but then…well whole other set of problems. 😛

“As the Skye Turns”. I’m telling ya…everyday at my blog….the excitement never stops! bahahaha

*warning…clip contains some bad language, so don’t watch it if you are offended by the f-word and bs*



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