The Melody

Floating in a dreamy state of mind control and disbelief.

A light goes on inside the darkened city of doom.

People scatter as they watch the squads descend upon them.

Their beacons flash inside their palms….there is no escape.

One will be chosen to lead in a ghastly hymn.

The destructive powers of the melody will cause quiet panic.

It is an illusion, to weed out the closed minds.

To begin anew, a dawning age of harmony and peace.

The squad zeros in on a young mind…unspoiled, innocent.

Without hate in her heart, she shall lead the song.

A song of tolerance, a song of untouched, beautiful acceptance.

They freeze. Her voice flows over them, freeing their minds.

They blink awake, stunned by the darkness they have left.

Aware now, of the beauty that surrounds them, they smile.

The terror is slain and the vibrant flowers bloom again.

©WD (sapphyreskye) 2009


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