Tangerine Dreams

Tangerine dreams

Resplendent with intensity

Color my world with radiance

Echos of feeling are revived

Intrinsic with the melody

Unmeasured, unbroken, unseen

Soft, exquisite, and bewitching

Entwining distraction fills the day

The notes sublime and inviting

A muse awakens, drawn to the warmth

Finding a voice in ink written

Words spill forth and with them come

A natural high and spirit freeing

Taken to flight on wings of gold

Soaring mind and heart beating

A drug, a haven, a sweet caress

To fill the emptiness dwelling…

©WD (sapphyreskye) June 2010


Color Me

Color my day

A myriad of shades

Of red, purple, orange

Blue, yellow and sage

Color me softly

Color me bright

Color a rainbow

To show me delight

Color my life

In crimson and green

Color it lovely

A must to be seen

Color my mind

Color it well

Color it lovely

So I always can tell

The colors of love

The colors of laughter

The colors of peace

And time ever after…

©WD (sapphyreskye) 2009

Remember The Ways

To my sons…..

Your capacity for great love

Is boundless beyond measure

Your capacity for caring

Makes your presence a pleasure

Whatever life may bring

Keep me close in your heart

Be curious, but wary

Be independent, but smart

Remember who loves you

Remember the days

Of cookies and snuggles

And the many, many ways

You were shown you were cherished

You were shown your true worth

You were shown in a look that

You were important since birth

©WD (sapphyreskye) April 2010
©WD (sapphyreskye)”Joy” 2009 ~6″x6″ acrylic on canvas. Dedicated to my beautiful sons 🙂

The Melody

Floating in a dreamy state of mind control and disbelief.

A light goes on inside the darkened city of doom.

People scatter as they watch the squads descend upon them.

Their beacons flash inside their palms….there is no escape.

One will be chosen to lead in a ghastly hymn.

The destructive powers of the melody will cause quiet panic.

It is an illusion, to weed out the closed minds.

To begin anew, a dawning age of harmony and peace.

The squad zeros in on a young mind…unspoiled, innocent.

Without hate in her heart, she shall lead the song.

A song of tolerance, a song of untouched, beautiful acceptance.

They freeze. Her voice flows over them, freeing their minds.

They blink awake, stunned by the darkness they have left.

Aware now, of the beauty that surrounds them, they smile.

The terror is slain and the vibrant flowers bloom again.

©WD (sapphyreskye) 2009

I Hitched A Ride

I hitched a ride on the restless plane

of existence, into the great stratosphere

of life worth living, to the fullest

extent of being natural, in the free

world of love and laughter, and with a

zest for all things exciting and wonderful….

©WD (sapphyreskye) 2009